Pocket Computer

This is a little about how I use my phone, a veritable pocket computer. Here is a list of my primary apps:

The Files app allows access to iCloud files, Dropbox files, Box Files, PDF Expert files and some apps' local files on the iPhone. I use GoodReader as a place to keep all of my documents, as a "file system". You can easily set up Goodreader to synchronize with a computer or almost any cloud storage, such as Dropbox or iCloud, or a private server. For an example of how I use various services together, browse to http://randix.net to see how I use Dropbox. All of those pictures are stored on Dropbox.

I scan documents with Jotnot Pro. It lets you snap a photo and convert it to a compact, rectified PDF, with color, black and white, and contrast simply adjustable. Then I “export” the document to GoodReader, and move it to a happy location in my document hierarchy. Later when I sync GoodReader, the document is on stored my computer as well.

I use the standard app Reminders for various lists, particularly a grocery list. I share that with my daughter, so anything missing out of the kitchen gets added, by her or by me when discovered, and the next one to go to the grocery store buys everything on the list.

I have four book reading apps: BLB (Blue letter Bible), Bible, Kindle and iBooks. I like the Bible app for it’s yearly bible reading plans.

I use iCloud, Dropbox and Box. You can install them on your computer, they are auto-synchronizing methods, keeping everything in the cloud and on your computer. They don't keep all documents on your iPhone by default, but can be told to keep individual files locally.

I use Numbers for my spreadsheets, especially two files, both of which I keep encrypted, and they live primarily in iCloud, and available immediately on all of my devices: Secure.numbers, in which I keep all of my passwords, and Fin2017.numbers, which is all of my financial bookkeeping. I can unlock these two files with my fingerprint. I have tried many password storage methods, and cannot find anything more convenient than just doing it myself.

I also keep Pages on my iPhone, but don’t use it much there. As I mentioned, I have the little Apple wireless keyboard, so I can write and edit formatted documents there. I avoid formatted documents as much as life allows, and prefer plain text documents. For that I prefer Textastic, which manages documents and allows me to move them around nicely. And remember, final storage is always in GoodReader, be it text documents, PDF, Numbers or Pages documents. I presume you already know that Numbers handles Excel documents (I think) better than Excel itself, and Pages handles Word documents (I also think) better than Word itself. And I use PDF Expert for editing and generally manipulating PDF files, in particular signing and then sending back. The phone is a little small for doing much of that there, but I can, when in a hurry.

There are many "offline" navigation apps, for finding your way around when you don't have internet connectivity. CoPilot is the one I use, but that is simply a matter of taste and history.

I also use the standard apps a lot: Calendar, Mail, Messages, Contacts, Maps, Clock, Camera, Photos, Notes, and Weather. A mainframe computer in my pocket!

These apps each cost a small amount, all under $10: