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New York

18 September 2022

I finally made it to Niaraga Falls!

Niagara Falls

American Falls.

Bridal Veil Falls.

Horseshoe Falls.

19 September 2022

I drove to Lockport to work there.

After work I took the scenic route by the lake (Route 18) and made my way to Rochester. I stayed in the southeast, near Fairport.


20-22 September 2022

I worked in the southest of Rochester for three days. I had the opportunity to have dinner with my boss, Jason. Then I also met Dan, another co-worker. We met in a coffee shop by the Erie Canal.

Left to right: Rand, Dan, Jason.

Left to right: Jason, Rand, Dan.

Wegmans is a large grocery store.

At the end of the day I drove to Canandaigua.


It is a town near the end of one of the finger lakes in the Finger Lakes District. I enjoyed the docks and the tiny houses there.

I was surprised to find an Aldi here. I hadn't seen one of those since Germany.

23 September 2022

I worked in Geneva today, then drove to Syracuse.

24 September 2022

I drove to Watertown and Tupper Lake. I met some travelers from Ottowa in Tupper Lake and we shared a meal together.

25 September 2022

I drove through Saranac Lake to Lake Placid. I went to a church in Lake Placid.

On the drive up to Whiteface Mountain, I can see that the leaves are beginning to turn.

Whiteface Mountain - 4,865 Feet

The toll booth.

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