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The state line is marked, then 300 feet further is the welcome sign.


29 September 2022

I worked in Skowhegan today.

The trees are starting to turn to the fall colors.


I wanted to hike to see Houston Brook Falls. This turned out to be well worth it for me.

I drove to Abbot and stayed overnight.


30 September 2022

Drove to Milo. I couldn't find a nice place to work in Milo, so started the work-day in Lincoln.

I needed to charge the battery in the camper, so I drove to a nearby rest area. I worked in a rest area and charged the battery with the generator.


In order to find a shower, I stayed overnight at a KOA campground. It turns out that there are only two Anytime Fitness gyms that I can find in Maine, and they are in Portland, far ahead.

1 October 2022

Wow, I've been on the road for over a month!

I drove into Houlton, found a place to park the trailer and unhooked it. Then I drove to the Canadian border. This was the first day to cross the border without the draconian Canadian restrictions.

New Brunswick, Canada

I had breakfast in Woodstock and walked along the river. Then I drove to St Bernhard, then back to Grand Forks. Grand Forks looked like it would be worth a stop. I walked along the river.

This was my first impression of the falls.

This following picture is not one of my own. One of the locals told me that one should see it in the springtime, there is much more water then. I looked for pictures on the Internet and found this.

The plaque describing it claims that it has 9/10s of the volume of Niagara Falls in the springtime, but most of the year, most of the water is diverted to a power plant.

A different view.

And, of course, every once in a while I want to remind you what I look like! :-)

The zipline looks like fun. I guess you can zipline over the falls! However, I don't do scary ziplines, bungee jumping, nor any form of skydiving. I like getting back on the ground with dry jeans.

I drove back into the US at Limestone. It is a small country road crossing, the agent was very talkative!


This is potato country. I think they deserve the title more than even Idaho. I visited Presque Isle and Mars Hill.

This first thing that stood out is a miniature solar system.

I missed most of the stops, but found Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn was designed to be viewed from the road, I couldn't get a good picture of the tops of the rings.

I hooked up the trailer at Houlton and then drove to Katahdin Woods and had a short hike.

In the evening I drove to Bangor and had a look around there.

2 October 2022

Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park were next on the agenda. I had timed my travels to get to this part of Maine yesterday and today on the weekend, so that I'd have more time to explore the scenery.

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is a pretty little New England Alantic coastal town, also known as a tourist resort. It is located on the island that also has Acadia National Park. That means there are lots of people there, even for this time of year, and restaurant prices are double of most places inland. However, definitely worth a stop.

The locals joke about how it is called "Bah hah ba". I have talked with a number of locals here who claim to have grown up here, and I think they've mostly lost any local accent. All I hear could easily be mistaken for a California accent, also known as "American TV English", which seems to have taken over the country.

This is my first impression, walking towards the bay.

I think a typical coastal resort town.

This is the bay. The docks were crowded with people waiting for boat tours or coming off of them.

I wandered over to a resort hotel, and there is a cruise ship visiting!

I only have one picture of the park. Based on this, I am definitely not a photographer. The park loop drive was well worth it. The views of the coastal rocks and the ocean's edge were very impressive. Stopping with my trailer was not easy.


After leaving Mount Desert Island, I drove back up to Bangor. It was still early in the afternoon, so I decided that I would spend more time in Boston, and drove on to Augusta, the state capital.


This is looking to be the coldest day so far. It is supposed to be 33 degrees overnight, not really a problem. However, I tweaked my back somehow in the last couple of days, and decided I needed a cozy, comfortable place for a night. I picked an AirBnB in Augusta, and it filled the bill: sauna, jacuzzi, comfy bed, and the proprietor even brought out a heating pad. The house was built in the late 1700s, so it is on the order of 230 years old. It has obviously been upgraded multiple times, but still has this wood-heated cooking stove for heating the kitchen. They have a modern gas stove for cooking!

3 October 2022

I wanted to be in Maine primarily to see the "peak colors", which will follow my journey south along the Catskills and the Appalachians. However, I probably have rushed the peak colors in Maine, I'd probably have to stay here another week or two. That would end up with me returning home to Oregon probably well into January, which I'm not willing to do, I'd like to be home by Christmas.

I worked in the morning in the AirBnB. For lunch I went out and then found a nice juice bar to work in.


When the juice bar closed, I had to move on. I found the next Starbucks.


After work I drove out to explore South Harpswell.

I watched the sunset from the Harpswell peninsula.

There was a beautiful church out there.


4-5 October 2022

A friend wanted to see a sunrise over the Atlantic. There are a lot of islands out there.

6 October 2022

There was a lighthouse on an island on the map: Nubble Lighthouse.

Looking the other direction, there was a rainbow over a house.

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