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7 October 2022


I took the highway through Newburyport and Ipswich to Gloucester and Rockport. I was too late for sunrise at Rockport, but got some nice shots along the way.

I arrived in Rockport and did a foot tour. It is an artists' town, very pretty and quaint. It looks like it would be quite a tourist resort in the summer.

There is a little lighthouse way out on the pennisula.

And there is a famous replica of a former fishing shack, known as "the most often-painted building in America."

I guess they like replicas, there is one of the lighthouse in the middle of a street as a streetlight.

I drove around looking for a nice coffee shop for the day, and could not find one. So I found a large parking lot and set up there for the day, working from the camp trailer.

This is the view outside my office.


After work, I drove into the outskirts of Boston. I definitely do not want to go into Boston with the trailer. I even almost drove into a parking garage at a transit station that was not tall enough for the trailer. There was a second entrance to the open parking lot, where I set up "camp" for a couple of days.

As an experienced "European" city-dweller, the first thing was to find a map of the transit system. Then buy some "rides", as they call them there.

The first place to explore was around the Government Station. I found the capitol and the Freedom Trail.

Here's a closeup of the skyline.

This is of the South Church, a historical landmark. I guess it was where it was decided to have the Boston Tea Party.

8 October 2022

I decided to explore the country this morning. What else than to travel the Lexington to Concord part of the "Paul Revere Midnight Ride", which happened on April 18, 1775? It is a beautiful, sunny day after the early morning rain. So, off to the countryside, and then I'll go back and spend the afternoon exploring in Boston.

In the afternoon, Boston presented a plethora of historical sight-seeing. I toured the downtown on foot.

The first stop was at the old North Church where Paul Revere got the information: one lantern if by land, two if by sea.

Boston has a modern skyline, but...

it still has the old streets and alleys.

For the fun of it, I took a picture of the real-estate rental prices. Fortunately you have to zoom in to read them. Too scary.

The next stop was to wander the waterfront to the location of the Boston Tea Pary. I think the decision to do this was made at the old South Church.

Eventually, it was time to leave Boston. The metro system reminded me of a lot of European stations.

Finally, being worn out from walking, I drove to Plymouth.


It was getting dark as I arrived under a full moon.

That planet above the moon is Jupiter.

9 October 2022

I drove to the bay to watch the sun rise.

A replica of the Mayflower is on display. Around 130-140 passagers and crew on this small ship would have been very crowded, and their journey was especially long due to leaks on the second ship, which was eventually left behind.

Plymouth Rock is an interesting monument. It has an interesting history, if you are interested, check out the Wikipedia article. Aparently a large amount of it was taken as souvenirs over the last 400 years, and it was about three times larger than what is pictured here.

I spent the afternoon on Cape Cod, enjoying the sights, sounds and local specialties. This was the farthest east on my journey, I suppose that from here on, I am generally heading home.

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