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From Hartford I went through Waterbury, and back into New York.

New York (again)

10 October 2022 (late afternoon)


I stayed overnight in Fishkill.

11 October 2022


I'm working today in a nice little local coffee shop, its not a chain.

12 October 2022


I stayed overnight, pretty little town on the edge of the catskills Mountains.

These are views of the mountains.


Stamford is the headwaters of the Delaware River.

I found another nice place for an office for the day. This is really nice, I think it is as nice as the three coffee shops that i work in at home: Broadway Coffeehouse, Ike Box, and New Morning Bakery. It is the first one of perhaps 30 coffee shops I've visited that is on a par with the three at home. I didn't realize how fortunate I am at home.

After work, I drove to Hancock. The Delaware River has grown significantly.

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