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Washington, DC

22 October 2022

Fort Totten Station

The first thing to do in any city is to study the public transportation system.

The Mall

Coming out of the Archives Station, there is the National Archives Building.

I walked a couple of blocks south, to the middle of the Mall. The timing was perfect to see the sun coming up over the National Capitol.

Turning the other direction, there is the Washington Monument.

After breakfast, I toured the Museum of the Bible.

Lunch and then some strolling around the Mall.

The US Capitol.

I went as far as the Washington Monument, then went to see the White House, but on the south and east sides, one cannot get close enough to even see it.

22 October 2022

There was some attraction of walking the entire Mall, from the Capitol ...

to the Washington Monument ...

then to the Lincoln Memorial...

by the Viet Nam Memorial, then around the west and north sides of the White House, where I finally was actually able to see it.

On the way back to my "home", currently parked in Alexandria, I stopped by the Arlington National Cemetery.

23 October 2022

No sightseeing, just worked.

24 October 2022

I took the afternoon off to go to the Air and Space Museum.

The Apollo 11 moon trip. This is apparently the actual Command Module from that trip, ...

and Niel Armstrong's space suit.

I know there are better pictures of moon rocks on the internet (and pictures of every thing else that I photographed), but I couldn't resist snapping a coule of apparent real moon rocks.

And that ends my tour of DC. I rode the metro back to Falls Church and was able to meet two more of my co-workers for dinner.

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