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Maryland (again)

College Park

26 October 2022

After several days in DC and Virgina, I came back to Maryland, to work here for a day and pick up a package at the College Park post office.

27 October 2022


I moved on up to Frederick to work and get out of the immediate DC area.


In the evening, I went to Hagerstown to visit my grandkids other grandparents. They are visiting from Oregon. This is where he grew up and have family here.

28 October 2022

Some pictures of our company recess in progress and the result of my pumpkin painting. It is supposed to be Randall from Monsters, Inc. To quote my granddaugher, "That's cute." and "It's OK, because Randall can change color."

29 October 2022

On the weekend, I toured some of the local area, stopped at the Antietam Battleground Memorial.

We all went out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

I got a tour of the Hagerstown Park.

This is my fellow grandparents. We share two grandkids.

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