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05 November 2022


To get to Kentucky, the freeway takes you briefly through Indiana

But you soon come to the Ohio River.


This is the first time I've ever made it to Kentucky.

I visited the Creation Museum in Petersburg.

I am not really much of a museum visitor. There are so many museums to see, everywhere I go. I love learning a bit, but generally, when I walk away, I feel like the entry price was too high. The Creation Museum is not an exception for me.

I studied science, working on a PhD in Analytical Chemistry for five years.

What I especially liked about this museum, is that it demonstrates scientific evidence, then discusses how to interpret that evidence. There are basically two world views, that of the evolutionary bent, and that God exists and is the Creator of every thing we can see.

The museum presents much evidence, then talks about how it fits into either of those two world views. The evolutionary world view still has many things to explan, and many things that cannot be explained in their model.

After this, I drove towards Williamstown.

6 November 2022


The plan for the day is to visit the Ark Encounter.

The ark is an amazing building. I've been on a freight ship with 6000 containers. That is today a mid-sized container ship. That's about the same size as the ark.

From a distance.

The hull on the inside.

Sitting under the bow.

Like the Creation Museum, the Ark Encounter exists to demonstrate that the evidences that we find in nature can easily be explained the the creation worldview. And that there is much evidence found in the world that makes no sense in the evolutionary worldview.

This museum was well worth the price to me.


I was close to Frankfort, so went by to get a picure of the capitol.

7 November 2022

I woke and drove to Lexington.


Here I found a nice coffee shop to work for the morning.


For lunch, I drove on to Winchester for a nicer coffee shop to work in.


I arrived in Stanton after work, and decided to park at an RV camping site for a couple of nights.

8 November 2022

There was a lunar eclipse, the next one will be in 2026. I was able to watch the progression until it went behind the mounttains.

The iPhone 14 Pro has an amazing camera, but it is barely up to even capturing this, one needs a real camera.

The beginning.

Ths total eclipse, with two different camera apps.

I had electricity at the camp site, so I just set up to work in my camp trailer for the day. It was quiet and peaceful!

After work, I drove the Red River Gorge, and stopped to hike into Rock Bridge.

This is a rock formation on the way down to the camera.

This is the Creation Falls.

The rock bridge from both sides.

9 November 2022

Early in the morning, I broke camp and drove to Beattyville for breakfast.


I worked in a coffee shop for the morning, but the environment was not pleasant.


So I drove to London, and found a very nice coffee shop.

10 Novemver 2022

The coffee shop was such that I chose to work the full next day there. Unfortunately, no pictures.


After work I drove through Danial Boone Park and came to Marlsboro, which is on the west side of Cumberland Gap.

11 November 2022

Early in the morning, I visited the Gap and the visitor center.

I drove up to the point overlooking Cumberland Gap, but it was raining hard, and again, no pictures.

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