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13 November 2022

South Carolina

I drove through the mountains to


Here I stopped for a coffee break. I'm surprised by how sparesly populated it all is.

My target in this area was hiking in the Strumphouse Tunnel and Issequeena Falls trails. Strumphouse Tunnel is billed as a place where the mountain beat the railroad.

I walked a ways into the tunnel, but the water was level with the pathway and I didn't get far.

The Issaqueena Falls was pretty.

Driving through the countryside could be in Oregon.

Looking for a good place to overnight, Clayton, Georgia seems like a good place to work for a day.



Rabun County is about half as densely populated as Polk County in Oregon. Everywhere I've been on the eastern half of the country has far fewer people than I expected.

14 November 2022

The weather has certainly turned cold. Overnight it got down to 27 degrees outside and 30 degrees in the trailer. The heater had it up to 68 when I turned it off to go to bed. My 0 degree sleeping bag kept me cozy warm overnight.

I plan to work here today then drive to Franklin, NC, this evening.

Clayton doesn't have nice facilities!

North Carolina

Retuned to North Carolina.


This is a nice little town. It has great facilities for me, good restaurants, several great coffee shops and a good place to park overnight.

15 November 2022

I chose another coffee shop for the day. I had this room mostly to myself for the whole day.

After work I drove to Robbinsville.


I didn't have a lot of options for my route, this is a little mountain town in beautiful country, I'll see what sort of office I can find tomorrow.

16 November 2022

After work in Robbinsville, it is finally time for the drive to the Tail of the Dragon, a famous curvy road loved by motorcyclists.

Just before the border and the start of the road, I stopped at the Dragon's Den

This is the Tree of Shame.

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