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27 November 2022


Crossing the Mississippi River again.

And the Arkansas line.


Today was a very long drive as I drove deep into the Ozarks to visit friends from Bible College in Jasper.

I needed 4WD to get up their driveway with the trailer!

28 November 2022

I departed early in the morning and got a couple of pictures of an Ozark Mountain Sunrise.


I stopped for breakfast and saw the trail head for a nice walk.

The Ozarks are way behind New England and even the Smokies for the trees changing colors.

Fort Smith

I found a nice coffee shop and ended up working there for two days.

I stayed longer to visit more friends from Bible College days.

I didn't have a chance for pictures but did get a couple of pretty sunsets.

29 November 2022

After a couple of lunches and a dinner with friends, I departed for Texas. I had to cross Oklahoma.



I overnighted here.

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