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30 November 2022

Today is the 3-month date from the start of my journey. One more month is planned.



This is just north of Dallas/Ft Worth. I'll work here today and then drive to Burleson to meet more friends.


I was able to visit Rylee and Cody here!

1 December 2022


I have to re-consider the idea of the flat earth. It is flat here as far as I can see.


2 December 2022

I am working here for the day.


4 December 2022

Nick met me for breakfast at the Tacodeli, then we talked and walked along the Green Belt Trail.

The Texas state capitol.

San Antonio

The Alamo.

The River Walk.


I drove here for the overnight and shower.

4 December 2022


I found a nice little church here, the people were very friendly.

And then the drive across west Texas.

I finally reached the mountains. These are the first ones over 7000 feet since I left western Montana.

The "peak colors" are just reaching here.

El Paso

5 December 2022

Today is Monday, a workday.

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