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I found a rest area immediately after the Arizona border.

7 December 2022

When I woke up, I felt bad because it was overflowing with trucks and I had taken one of their parking places.


I drove on into Tucson and stopped at the first Anytime Fitness followed by an IHOP. (That sure looks like it should be written as iHop.)

I forget that there are oranges here!

I took off early from work to see the Pima Air & Space Museum.

Then I went to the cinema and watched Devotion.

8 December 2022

I'm planning to repeat yesterday: Gym, IHOP, Blessed Grounds, then see something around Tucson.

I enjoyed the rom-com Ticket to Paradise.

9 December 2022

The day is starting very much like yesterday.

I found a new coffee shop.

I worked as before here, then met an old friend for dinner.

10 December 2022

The sun coming up over Mt. Lemon.

My friend Kathy accompanied me to the Titan Missile Museum.

Then we drove up to the ski resort on Mt Lemmon.

11 December 2022

Apache Junction

I drove up to my cousin's church, then went to their house for a couple days.

12 December 2022

I worked at my cousin's house.

We got a picture before leaving.

13 December 2022

It is time to move on!

Of course, the obligatory picture of the state capitol.

Gila Bend

I'm working here for the day.

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